GPST1 & GPST2 FGH Teaching is a half day session which runs on a Wednesday afternoon 1-3pm.

Please see below for current teaching programme.

Course Information

Programme Director: Dr Steve Mcquillan
Administration: Jo Smith, Specialty Co-ordinator and Natalie Ireland, Specialty administrator, Education Centre, Furness General Hospital.

For details of the scheme at FGH, Barrow, contact Dr Steve Mcquillan via Jo Smith/Natalie Ireland. The following is the most current teaching timetable.

Sessions are on Wednesday, 1pm-3pm in the Education Centre.



GPST Teaching Programme  

February 2022– June 2022 1pm– 3pm 

16/02/2022  Dr Young – Dermatology within General Practice 

Dr Mcquillan 1:1’s 

HEENW Induction 2:00-5:30pm 

Lecture Theatre 
23/02/2022  ENT 

Sudip Ghosh 

Comms Skills – WGH – 09:15-12:30 

Lecture Theatre 
02/03/2022  Teenage Self Harm – Dr O’Donovan  Lecture theatre 
09/03/2022ESS  DVLA & Medical Responsibilities – Chris Linton  Lecture Theatre 

Via teams 

16/03/2022  Nina Burroughs – HRT & Menopause 


Lecture Theatre 
23/03/2022  Dr Samar Sen – serious childhood illnesses & meningitis  Lecture Theatre 
30/03/2022  1-2pm Jake Odonovan – Managing Uncertainty 

2-3pm Kally Cheema – Coroner 

Lecture theatre 
06/04/2022  Change over day – no teaching   
13/04/2022ESS  Gambling awareness 

Patrick Horgan 

Lecture Theatre 
20/04/2022  Memory Assessment Service & Dementia – Chris Linton  Lecture Theatre 

Via teams 

27/04/2022  Admin within GP 

Alison Redshaw 

Trainers meeting 9-11am 

Comms Skills – WGH – 13:00-16:30 

Lecture Theatre 
04/05/2022  Dr Rikesh Patel– Rheumatology  Lecture Theatre 
11/05/2022ESS  Mr Panchal  

Paediatric surgery presentations 

Lecture Theatre 
18/05/2022  Team building session  – Mr Mcquillan  Abbey house 
25/05/2022  Dr Stokes 

Health Education England 

Lecture theatre 
01/06/2022  Childhood feeding problems and problems with under development 

Samar Sen 

Lecture theatre 
08/06/2022ESS  Mens health 

Dr Mcquillan  

Lecture theatre 
15/06/2022  Mens health 

Dr Mcquillan 

Lecture theatre 
22/06/2022  Team building session – Dr O’Donovan  Abbey house 


The GP Training Scheme in Royal Lancaster Infirmary and Furness General Hospital runs over 3 years. The first 2 years (ST 1 & 2) are in secondary care in 4 different hospital posts, one of which is a GP + Post (part GP/part specialty). The 3rd year (ST3) is spent in general practice.

The tracks are allocated by the Programme Directors at each site. Previous experience and personal preferences are taken into account when allocating tracks. However, it is not always possible for everyone to have a track of all their first choice posts.

FGH tracks: There are 12 tracks available in FGH which include posts in:

  • Paediatrics
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Psychiatry
  • Medicine
  • Accident and Emergency
  • Sexual Health
  • Primary Care Network
  • FGH GP + Posts (60% GP & 40% Specialty): are available in Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynae, Accident & Emergency, Primary care network, sexual health and Medicine.

The posts are based at Furness General Hospital, Dane Garth Mental Health unit and general practices throughout the Furness area.

Having recently completed ST-2, I've found the quality of information and tutoring to be of the highest standard.

J.AtkinRecently Completed ST-2

Having served in the NHS as a nurse for the past eight years, I decided to further my medical career. Having moved to Morecambe I can say there are plenty of opportunities for learning, skill development and career progression.

E.TurnerA great course for those wanting new direction

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