ST3 GP Training

ST3 Teaching is a full day release which takes place on Wednesdays during term time at Westmorland General Hospital,  Kendal.

Please see below for current teaching timetable.

Course Information

Primary Care Medical Educators: Dr Emma Jones & Dr Gavin Torr
Administration: Helen Gardner, Education Centre Assistant, Education Centre, Westmorland General Hospital.

For details of the ST3 Day release training programme, contact  Helen Gardner.

Most sessions are on Wednesday, 9.30am  – 4pm in the Education Centre, WGH

Term 1 Autumn Term – Currently at Westmorland Hospital 
 Date    Morning Topic  Afternoon Topic
1 & 2 09/2021 Grange Hotel  ST3 Induction 2 days   Grange Hotel
08/09/2021 ST3 Consultation Skills  1 – Data Gathering Consultation Skills 1
15/09/2021 * No ST3 Teaching * ST1/2 GP+ Communication Skills   
22/09/2021 * No ST3 Teaching * Trainer’s Meeting – ZOOM 09:00 – 11:00
29/09/2021 ST3 ST3 Consultation Skills 2 – Sharing management Consultation Skills  2
06/10/2021 ST3 ST3 Consultation Skills 3 – Telephone /Video Consultations  Consultation Skills 3
13/10/2021 ST3 ST3 – Tips for the RCA Exam  Change Management
20/10/2021 ST3 ST3 Consultation Skills 4 – Triadic Consultations  Consultation Skills 4
27/10/2021 *No ST3 teaching* Half Term Half Term
3/11/2021 * No ST3 Teaching * ST1/2 GP+ Communication Skills 2 No teaching ST3
10/11/2021 ST3 ST3 Consultation Skills 5 – Motivational Consultation RCA top tips Dr Abby Astle
17/11/2021 ST3 ** No teaching back in practice ** **PLT Red Whale GP Update**
24/11/2021 ST3 ST3 Teaching Managing Uncertainty ST3 Teaching Managing Uncertainty
01/12/2021 ST3  ST3 Teaching Paul Houghton CBT for GPs  ST3 Teaching Problem Cases
08/12/2021 ST3 ST3 Teaching – Introduction to Practice Management ST3 Teaching – Practices and PCNs
15/12/2021 ST3  ST3 Teaching – Sharing Explanations ST3 Teaching – Christmas Quiz
22/12/2021 *No ST3 Teaching* Christmas Break *No ST3 Teaching*
29/12/2021 *No ST3 teaching* Christmas Break * No ST3 teaching*
05/12/2021 *No ST3 Teaching* Christmas Break *No ST3 teaching*


Date Venue Morning Topic Afternoon Topic
 12/01/2022  Practice Management 2  Health Inequalities
 19/01/2022  ZOOM  Trainers Meeting   No ST3 Teaching – Back in Practice
 26/01/2022 CVs and Job Applications  Job Interviews
 02/02/2022  RCA  – Video Review  TBC
 09/02/2022 Safeguarding Study Day  Safeguarding Study Day
 23/02/2022  GP+ Communicaton Skills Part 1 09:30-12:30  ST3s Back in practice all day
 02/03/2022  Zoom  Feb Starters  – Consultation Skills 1

August Starters – Womens Health

 Feb Starters  – Consultation Skills 2


 09/03/2022  Zoom  TBC  TBC
 16/03/2022  No Teaching ST3s  PLT
 23/03/2022  TBC  TBC
30/03/2022  TBC  TBC
 06/4/2022  EASTER BREAK
 13/4/2022  EASTER BREAK
Date Venue Morning Topic Afternoon Topic
Term 3 Summer Term
 14/4/21  Dementia Dr Marisa Wray Teaching to Teach
 21/4/21  No ST3 teaching  GP+ Comm Skills Session 2
 28/4/21  ETHICS Study Day  ETHICS Study Day
 5/5/21  Dermatology Dr Nick Howlett  TBC
 12/5/21  No ST3 teaching  GP Trainers Meeting
 19/5/21  No ST3 teaching  Educators Conference
 26/5/21  Tax and Pensions – Claire Hebdige Dodds Accountants  Reflection of Challenges in GP – Dr Tom Jamieson
 2/6/21  No ST3 teaching  HALF TERM  
 9/6/21  Revalidation and Appraisal  Population Health
 16/6/21 Practice Accounts – Sue Charnock Moore and Smalley Accountants  PLT
 30/6/21  View to the Future  Feedback

ST3 – Day Release Teaching

In ST3 we join the Barrow and Lancaster groups and meet in Kendal for a full days teaching on a Wednesday.

The year begins with a 2 day induction program at The Grange Hotel in Grange-over-Sands. This gives you the chance to plan and prepare the busy year ahead of you.

We then meet weekly in Kendal at the education centre at Westmorland General Hospital. We take advantage of the full day’s teaching to provide a varied and interactive program over the ST3 year.

Teaching focus is initially on consultation skills and develops to cover a wide range of topics to prepare you for your career as a GP. We run sessions with CSA examiners in the run up to the exam as well as a CSA Practice Exam. The course timetable will give a flavour of the broad range of clinical and non-clinical topics delivered shaped by trainee feedback.  We aim to cover the mandatory requirements for revalidation such as child and adult safeguarding and Basic Life Support as well as to give you some insight into practice management and leadership. We run a leadership skills day in Coniston each year which is consistently highly rated. We leave some space for flexibility to address areas of particular interest to an ST3 group.

We run 8 study days where all 3 years (ST1/ST2/ST3)  attend covering Statistics, Palliative Care, MSK and Ethics, as well as sessions on Women’s and Men’s health, Ophthalmology, Genetics, Mental Health and Dermatology. These study days vary from year to year on a 2 year rolling program. The program is shaped and changed annually based on trainee feedback.

Having recently completed ST-2, I've found the quality of information and tutoring to be of the highest standard.

J.AtkinRecently Completed ST-2

Having served in the NHS as a nurse for the past eight years, I decided to further my medical career. Having moved to Morecambe I can say there are plenty of opportunities for learning, skill development and career progression.

E.TurnerA great course for those wanting new direction